Who can make a report?

Any person with a valid reason can make a report. All reports must be based on facts, and any allegations contained in it must be true and verifiable. 

What are the whistleblowing channels?

TrustBanc is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of whistleblowing reports. Whistleblowers may choose to make anonymous reports by not disclosing their identities when making reports using [email protected] or the information section below.

Blowing the Whistle

‘If you sniff unprofessional conduct, behaviour or fraud, around you, what should you do? “Reach out for the whistle and blow it!”

Blowing the whistle on fraud or any irregularity encourages moral responsibility and helps eradicate misconduct or bad habits.

Silence or inaction in the face of fraud or irregularities has a price that may be too high to pay in the long run, hence the need to always blow the whistle when the need arises.

There are several reasons why you should whistle blow in the face of fraud or irregularities. These include;

  • the need to fight fraud and fraudulent activities
  • reduce the risk of harm to staff and the organization,
  • promote good
    organisational governance.

Whistle blowing is also a confidential means of exposing fraud, and compels investigation into any allegation to keep the organization profitable.

Whistle blowers are well protected and rewarded  because of their importance to the survival of the system.

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