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Attractive long-term yields for strategic development partnership

TrustBanc Arthur Fixed-Income Portfolio is a retail product that allows those interested in ethical investments to place funds for short, medium and long periods. It allows easy entry and exit of funds, give customers the knowledge and opportunity to understand available investment options while making preferences of restricted investments over time.

Most other similar products in the Nigerian market may be limited to only one or two asset classes which exposes such funds to huge market risk. TrustBanc Arthur would further strengthen this portfolio by getting directly involved in the development of variations of other asset classes. Thus, apart from invest in existing sukuk, TrustBanc Arthur would also seek to create its own corporate sukuk as wakeel (agent) and investor which would be expected to be the first in the country.

The same method would be applied to real estate where TrustBanc Arthur would launch an open-ended real estate note with a step into a somewhat REITs proposition. This will create additional restricted investments for HNIs and corporate investors. This can then be immediately followed by commodity portfolios starting with gold note and agricultural commodities using commodity murabaha.

This fixed-income portfolio would further be strengthened with movable and non-movable asset class with consideration for energy, power and renewable energy assets. Another major asset class to be further developed is the equities market where listed and unlisted equities would be considered. The TrustBanc Arthur Fixed-Income Portfolio would have both NGN and USD which will be adopted for all other emerging products. TrustBanc Arthur will thus be exposing the Nigerian Islamic finance market to USD denominated investment opportunities.

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