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Attractive long-term yields for strategic development partnership

In line with our vision of delivering ethical, green and impactful investment opportunities to investors, TrustBanc Arthur leverage on the huge opportunity available in real estate by giving a wide range of investor the opportunity to grow their wealth without compromising on their values.

Why real estate?

With a population in excess of 200million and an urbanization rate hovering above 4%, it is not no secret that the country’s real estate sector and most significantly, the housing market is in a dire condition. Despite improved economy figures recorded in 2019 and early part of 2020, the housing need of the country still remains astronomical with a deficit of about 20million houses.

To ideally cater to this market, it is projected that the country will require a supply of about 1million houses annually against the 100,000 houses according to a World Bank report. To put this in proper context, this is a N90tn untapped market.

To tactically disrupt the housing market, we have strategically aggregated a number of viable housing projects into a portfolio. These projects have been holistically vetted by our team of industry experts to ensure all aspects of our operations are in line with not only Shariah and ethical principles but also guarantees attractive and sustainable yields.

Investors funds and yields are guaranteed by an independent trustee. This compliments the attractive and sustainable yields of the investment which are higher than other comparable investment vehicles.

The investment package has been aggregated to include a blend of different real estate class, income levels and delivery timelines. This ensures  diversified products to suite a range of investors along the project life-span. 

All assets have been duly certified to be Shariah Compliant by our Advisory Committee of Experts while our experienced investment committee has also de-risked all assets to secure our investor’s returns.

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