Health Care

The Healthcare portfolio is focused on creating socio-economic impact for private and public health care system in a manner that allow investors realize full commercial potentials. The portfolio supports short-term and long-term healthcare strategies that provide quality care and cost containment in areas of healthcare infrastructure, equipment and technology. Our equity and debt contracts are separate, yet interwoven to deliver economic returns to investors while positively touching the lives of the vulnerable.


In line with our vision to delivering ethical, green and impactful investment opportunities to investors, TrustBanc Arthur through this Energy drive seeks to leverage on the huge opportunity available in Nigeria’s power sector. Through our non-interest finance asset finance contracts, we structure power as a service using clean energy options designed to conserve and protect the environment. The distinctive interplay of non-interest finance partnership, sale, lease and service instruments are set lose for communal happiness. We are engrossed in sustainable means of providing energy to households, commercial and industrial end-users via wind, solar, hydro, bio-energy technology and geothermal.  The TrustBanc Energy Note then becomes such decent investment option.



The core of the non-interest finance proposition is centered around trade in goods. We have thus fashioned multitudes of trade deals into very short liquidity instruments that the industry needs. Our focus is mainly on hard commodities across different jurisdictions and having such competitive returns.

Asset Finance

At TrustBanc Arthur, we are able to clearly identify the investment needs of our partners and clients which then allows us to provide required life-style assets. Such assets are largely structured using debt contracts while investable portfolios are created from this newly generated class of investments. Through asset finance, we are able to perfect our fixed-income notes where expected profits are further strengthened by peerless pool of reserves designed to smoothen repayment for investors. 

Real Estate

We are positioned to be Africa’s real estate finance platform by attracting various categories of real estate investments. The passion we invoke and backed by research on real estate needs are exceptional. We offer supply and demand side financial solution using equity and debt modes structured with such simplicity while able to conveniently handle complexities. We are able to create unique real estate notes to meet the different needs of our clients while our interest cuts across luxury, affordable and social housing. We also have tailored foreign real estate portfolios for our partners wishing to consider investments in other jurisdictions. Our variation of Real Estate Notes show such diversification and taste.

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