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Dematerialiazation of Shares Certificates

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Inter-Member transfer of Shares from Dead house or Inactive house

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we buy and sell shares on the floor of the nigerian stock exchange on behalf of clients.

Dematerialization Is The Process By Which A Client Can Get Physical Certificates Converted Into Electronic Balances Domiciled With CSCS. An Investor Intending To Dematerialize His Or Her Shares Certificates Needs To Do The Following:

  1. Open A CSCS Account (Central Securities Clearing Systems Plc.) With Trustbanc Capital Mgt. Ltd
  2. Complete Shares Dematerialization Form
  3. Surrender Original Copies Of The Shares Certificates To Trustbanc For Onward Processing At The Registrars
  4. If The Processing Is Successful, The CSCS Account Of The Client Would Be Credited With The Total Units On The Shares Certificate.

A Prospective Client Can Claim His Or Her Outstanding Dividends From The Registrars By Doing The Followings:

  1. Collect Or Download E-Dividend Activation Form From Trustbanc Or The Registrars Website.
  2. Completed E-Dividend Form Should Be Taking To Your Preferred Bank For Stamp And Signing
  3. Return The Duly Completed Form To Trustbanc For Onward Submission At The Registrar

This Implies The Transfer Of A Client Shares Or CSCS Account From A Dead Or Inactive House To Trustbanc Capital Mgt. Ltd.

The Processing Entails The Following:

  1. Duly Completed KYC Form
  2. Completion Of Inter-Member Transfer Form
  3. Completion Of CSCS Direct Settlement Form
  4. Client’s Biometric Data Capturing At CSCS Plc
  5. Banker’s Confirmation Of Signature (To Be Addressed To The Managing Director, CSCS Nig. Plc)
  6. Proof Of Purchase (Contract Notes, Receipt, Statement Of Account And Stale Dividend)