Sequence to the directives recently laid out by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the purchase of foreign currencies can be done by an individual or organization via any financial institutions such as; Merchant Bank, Small Banks, Medium Banks, and Big Banks. These directives are to encourage and restrain all stakeholders in the foreign exchange market and also enhance the accessibility of foreign currencies for Personal Travel Allowance (PTA) and Business Travel Allowance (BTA). This is also hastening FOREX’s availability for school fees payment and medical bills for the individuals in need. 

In TrustBanc PrimeLink BDC, depending on the volume, USD can be procured for Personal Travel Allowance and Business Travel Allowance, an individual can buy a maximum of $4,000 for a trip and an organization is liable to purchase a maximum of $5,000.


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Personal Travel Allowance Requirements

Business travel Allowance (BTA) Requirement

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Below are the requirements for Personal Travel Allowance:

  1. Applicant should be eighteen years and above
  2. Applicant could be an existing or a potential customer
  3. A valid Nigerian International Passport
  4. A valid visa of the destination country
  5. Valid BVN to their bankers

Below are the requirements for Business Travel Allowance

  1. A company certificate of incorporation
  2. Letter of invitation from the organization abroad
  3. Passport of the company’s representation
  4. Valid visa of the destination country