We are a leading investment management firm in Nigeria, we give standards and unique platform to start a career, by the means of providing a ground-breaking atmosphere for our employees to grow.

We believe that talent is the first drive of innovative development and a sustainable success path as we are committed to recruit and nurture the best creative mind worldwide to join our energetic team, as we help our employees reach their full potential in any challenging environment.

We are a group that encourage communal relationship, nevertheless, we give reward to individual performance as the height of achievement of our staff are measured by the organization set goal attainment.

Essential resources are provided to ensure smooth fulfilment of these goals as such, the management expects tremendous and effortless performance from employees.

TrustBanc Financial Group consistently rewards outstanding and high-performing staff, as we believe monetary and non-monetary compensation motivates.

Meet Our People

"Trustbanc provides an environment to develop yourself as a professional from the day you resume, your colleagues make you feel like a part of the team and give you belief that your contributions matter"
Onawoga Oluwatobi
IT Officer
"Trustbanc Family is one filled with love across all levels. The most junior staff on a team are encourage to voice opinions, ask questions and proffer solutions"
Omolara Odujirin
Client Service Officer
"The greatest part about working here is how it makes you feel everyday, it is as though Monday mornings are just like Friday evenings"
Taiwo Ogunnimo
Brand Executive
"Trustbanc culture encourages expression of young minds,while adding value in your own way. it is an organisation anyone would be proud to belong to. I'm happy i chose the perfect place to start my career"
Alayo Lutifat
Client Operations Officer

Join us, and together we can make financial services simpler for everyone.

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