Our Wealth Management offer varieties of investment plans befitting for every class, we give opportunities to maximize your funds. Every amount counts in the creation of assets. Permit TrustBanc Asset to move you from the valley into the hill of wealth.

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Bank Details

Bank:  FCMB

Account Name: TrustBanc Money Market Fund

Account Number: 2866357103


Existing Investors:

This is designed to help children learn the art of investment early in life by leveraging on their parents support and guidance. This way, the kid’s future is gradually being provided for not only by the parents but also by the kids themselves.



This is focused on clients who want to save but have period obligations. We only need your instruction on how you want your interest utilized and we will send you an advice.



A flexible investment focused at maximizing returns without compromising risk. The product cuts across various asset classes such as Equities, Real estate, Money Market, and ensures that we maximize your returns while balancing the risk accordingly.